• Lil’ Angels Photography always provides high quality pictures with wonderful customer service. Their staff takes the time to explain each package and what the best value is. The photographers always make my children feel at ease and happy to have their picture taken. These owners treat their customers like family and that is what brings us back every time.

    Shannon Bloodworth Elk Grove, CA.
  • Absolutely fabulous, without a doubt” experience with “Lil Angels”!! We’ve been using their services for over 10 years and are amazed each time we get the photos back. There has never been a “bad” picture! Tom is absolutely the best photographer! He always takes the time and effort to capture that “perfect” pose! We never hesitate to have them come back year after year!

    Chris Padilla Academy Director - La Petite Academy
  • I am the Director of the Phoenix Preschools located in midtown Sacramento, Ca. I met Tom and Julie Castle when my daughter was about 9 months old and she is 10 years old now. Lil’ Angles (Tom) was her first professional photographer. Tom and Julie along with their crew are amazing! I’ve never seen another photography company get 95% of their clients to smile as brightly as they do when taking pictures. Not only are Tom and Julie professional but are friendly and always a pleasure in doing business with. Their pictures turn out beautiful every time and not once have I received a complaint about pricing or the children’s pictures from parents who attend my school. They are outstanding and I plan on using Lil’ Angles for years to come.

    Carisse Tidwell Director, Bradshaw Christian Preschool - Sacramento, CA
  • You recently did a shoot at a Waterbury Child Care center. My son’s look and smile were fantastic last year and once again you both worked your magic! Just wanted to let you know it is appreciated. Thank you!

    Justine Myers Waterbury, VT.
  • I have worked with Lil Angels Photography for the past 3 years now and absolutely love them! April always captures the moment with professionalism and care. I look forward to my children being photographed by Lil Angels every year. I am excited to work with April for many years to come! Thank you April and Lil Angels!

    Monique J. Pedraza Preschool Director - Lancaster, CA
  • April Neale and Lil’ Angels have provided excellent Photography services for our center for the past 7 years. We look forward to April and her staff coming to our campus because we know it will be a delightful and professional experience for the children, parents and our staff. Whether it is photography day or sale day, April and her staff are pleasant to work with and unintrusive to the daily routine of our school! Parents are excited to see the finished product and often call to find out when Lil’ Angels will be returning. I have had many other companies request to do photography at our school– but ALWAYS turn them away–we are very loyal to April and Lil’ Angels, because they have proven to be more than just a photography company, we consider them part of the Woodland Hills family!

    Fran Knowles, Preschool Director Woodland Hills, CA 91367
  • April Neale has been photographing my three boys for many years. She is professional, easy going and patient. She makes my children feel comfortable during the photo shoot. She knows how to get the best out of my boys. The sessions do not take long and the pictures always come out fantastic.

    Irina Incs Woodland Hills, CA
  • Lil Angels took pictures of my daughter, Vanessa, at her preschool & they are amazing! The pictures they took in the fall I watched them do. They did a wonderful job of making my somewhat tentative toddler totally at ease. They truly captured her face just as I often see her. Then in the spring they took special dress-up shots of her. I didn’t have to do anything except send her to school in her regular clothes! She clearly had fun because they are the best smile shots anyone has ever gotten of my little girl. And the outfits & accessories they used match her personality to a tee. And on top of all of this their prices are very affordable & their turn around time for prints is speedy. I’m thrilled that Lil Angels is the company taking my daughter’s school pictures & would recommend them to anyone.

    Sarah Meredith Greenwood Village, CO.
  • I have purchased pictures from Lil Angels for six years now. I love the pictures they take, it never fails that whatever mood my child is in, they always get them to SMILE. I have 3 children and my oldest did not have the opportunity to have his pictures taken by Lil Angels until this year, they were AMAZING! My boys take pictures in elementary school but they don’t compare to what I get with Lil Angels. I recommend them to everyone. I love Jack and Cheri:) Thank you for all the great pictures and memories!

    Miami, FL